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Portland, Oregon
License # 16698

2143 NE Broadway St.97232


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"Dana brings heart and a quiet, grounded intent to all of her work. She is skilled in both shiatsu and swedish massage and can provide a unique blend of both modalities if you like. I've been seeing Dana for a year now and her work is consistent and caring."
~ Teresa B.

"Dana has an uncanny ability to discover what exactly is right for the client and then executes her massage beyond expectations! I simply can't put into words what the experience is like, but I can say that I will undoubtedly be suggesting her to all my friends. Everyone deserves to feel amazing, to obtain the best health possible and Dana helps do just that. Her calm presence is truly a joy to be around, I cannot wait to see her again!" 
~ Libby S.

"I'm hooked. I recently went to Dana for Shiatsu and am so glad I did. Just her presence alone is healing. Her groundedness, sense of calm, intuition, and technical skills make her by far one of the best practitioners I've seen. For such a subtle style of bodywork, I'm amazed at the results. A truly holistic experience... I left feeling rejuvenated in my body, mind, and spirit. I can't wait for my next treatment! "
~ Amy R.

"Dana has great massage intuition. She is very professional and yet has a wonderful, relaxing tone and energy. I can tell she loves what she does and cares about people. The scapula work she did was very helpful and I felt renewed after the massage. I even fell asleep! There are a lot of LMTs in Portland but its hard to find someone so gifted!"
~ Randee R. 

"As an LMT myself I can truly speak to Dana's skills. She always brings her best intention to our sessions, leaving me refreshed and feeling rested. With her skill and intuition she enables me to reach a very calm state of mind. She is a very kind soul and I would recommend her massage to anyone seeking
a truly restorative experience
~ Erika M. 

"Dana is conscious of what she is doing. Paying attention to both the physical details and the energetics. She is capable of helping more than the physical stress. It would be worth your effort to have a session."
~ Wesley H.

"I received my first full-hour massage from Dana last month,and I couldn't be happier. She has great technique, and I was able to relax and let go in a way that I haven't been able to do during a massage before. She was thorough and professional. She made me feel relaxed and well-taken care of. Dana has great energy and I would definitely recommend her for Shiatsu massage!"
~ Caitlin T.

"Dana is the most grounded person I have ever known. I go to see her when my soul needs to be balanced and to cheer up. She always reminds me how to cherish myself."
~ Kaori O.

"I've dubbed Dana as my preventive maintenance guru. I sit on a plane twice a week, every week and have a highly stressful job and without my regular visits with Dana, i know my body would be a pretzel and i'd be at my doctor's office constantly. I'm so greatful I've found a therapist who understands the human body so well and can work with my twisted mess so well."
~ Melissa Y. 

"After receiving 5 or 6 massages from Dana I really appreciate her knowledge and skills. She does a great job of blending various modalities. The benefits for me have included muscle therapy (eased tired and overworked muscles), body awareness, and deep relaxation."
~ Ray S.

"I've been going to her regularly for a year or so now and have seen significant improvement. She's wonderful, intuitive, patient and creative."
~ Marsha A. 



Dana Highfill, Licensed Massage Therapist

Thank you to all my clients!

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